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Robert McGinty
I've never purchased a vehicle without touching it first. There's a first time for everything. I requested information on the 2007 Electra Glide I saw on the website and Brian was quick to respond. Brian answered all my questions and sent a great deal of pictures and video to go with the answers. I think I talked with just about every department in the store and never did I feel like just another person passing by. I've now bought from both Mike Bruno's dealerships and I will do business with them in the future. BTW, there is a HD dealership just 20 minutes away from me and I just pass them by. (Employee: Brian Elliott)
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Gene Plaisance
Both guys were very helpful with my inquiries and help improve my bikes ride. (Employee: Brian Elliott, Alex Parfait)
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Kane Theriot
Alex, Dakata, and Chuckie are the best. Super knowledgeable and friendly, positively rad folks. A definite asset to customer service and MBHD in my opinion. (Employee: Alex Parfait, Dakota Collins, Chuckie Nelson)
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Chad Williams
Good service
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Richard Nelson
Great service, great staff, recommended to anyone (Employee: Brian Elliott)
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Russell Drewry
I went in for the 20k mile service two weeks ago. One of the first things that the service manager did was stick a USB thumb drive into the USB port in my Street Glide's radio. I asked her what it was for and she told me it was an upgrade to the software from Harley. That seemed okay. When I was leaving I wanted to check the ambient temperature, so I hit the Info button on the right handle bar. Nothing happened on the radio display screen; it only showed the time. I immediately turned around and told her what happened. She contacted Harley-Davidson technical support. After 20 minutes or more, they told her it would only show the Info when the radio was turned on. Before the upgrade to the radio it didn't matter if the radio was on or not, I could always hit the Info button and get the ambient temperature, the oil pressure status, and the status of the EITMS. She says that Harley technical support told her that it should never have been able to show that information without the radio having been on, and there's no way to return the radio to the way it was. Now it's an inconvenience to get that information while riding. Harley should make some changes in their software. (Employee: Anna Cole)
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William Barras
This was my 2nd bike from ya'll an it will not be the last Thanks for all the hard work ya'll did (Employee: Kathryn Darcey, Shane Douzat)
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Lisa Boudreaux
Everyone at Mike Brunos goes above and beyond for their customers! Everyone is like family and cares about their customers! We have bought 5 bikes here. Wont go anywhere else for our needs!
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Bridget Blanchard
They are all awesome and friendly there. (Employee: Kathryn Darcey, Shane Douzat, Anna Cole)
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Will Smith
I am on my second purchase here and how I am treated is why i keep coming back. Everyone treats you as family but Anna goes above and beyond for her customers. My 2019 Heritage has been throwing us curves here and their because of it being so new many changes have come along and instead of just charging me to figure out my mistakes we fix them together along the way. Many of times she could have just done what i asked or taken advantage of me but instead of just taking my money she has been coaching me of not only the correct steps of making this bike my own but on the necessary to keep my wife and I safe. I trust her decision on my bike when she says it's needed or not she has gained my total respect and a loyal customer. I have spent thousands on upgrades at Mike Bruno but never once do i feel i was taking advantage of or lead in the wrong direction and that to me is more of a family than someone just holding out a hand to take my hard earned money!!! Thank you!!! (Employee: Anna Cole)